Now Is a Great Time for Cash Flow AND Appreciation in San Antonio

When some of our investors started putting money into under market value properties in San Antonio, we saw appreciation in the range of 2-3% or maybe 5% per year maximum.

But that was more than 15 years ago since we started to invest here. Today, we see more possibilities to both enjoy appreciation AND cash flow on under market value fixer uppers in San Antonio.

Today, there is a general affordable housing shortage in San Antonio. It is harder for lower income renters and home buyers to find places to live. This is creating real opportunities for real estate investors in Texas. Also, we are seeing major investment into San Antonio in the downtown area. This is coming from the state and city government, and also out of state and even out of country investors.

For example, the Pearl Brewery off of 281 near downtown was a real hellhole in 2008. It was abandoned, run down and not somewhere you would either want to live or invest. However, an outside investor poured nearly a billion dollars into the Pearl Brewery complex. Today, it is the second hottest tourist attraction in San Antonio, after the downtown Riverwalk. It is full of nice hotels, chic restaurants, and bars, and is a general great hangout spot for San Antonians and tourists alike. Very expensive townhomes of $500,000 and up also are being built around the Pearl complex.

There is plenty of other development occurring in San Antonio that is leading to good appreciation and cash flow potential for affordable home investors. For example, the area north of downtown, not far from the Riverwalk, is also near the new San Pedro creek extension. The city is pouring billions of dollars into this area. Properties located in this region are believed to be poised for appreciation of 50% or more in the next three years.

We have a property at 1614 Alametos 78201 that will return the investor at least $900 per month in rent, and with a potential ARV of $199,000. That is some serious appreciation for a home that is worth $69,000 today.

We also had a property on 1622 Alametos that we sold in 2015 for $65,000. The investor put $15,000 into it, and sold it with owner financing for $99,000. Today, that home is easily worth $115,000.

So, we recommend buying certain homes in San Antonio today in areas where the city is investing money. You should see substantial appreciation and good cash flow.