$69,000 Under Market Value Property – 13% ROI

Out of state investment property investors, this San Antonio investment property has two houses on one lot and has needs only $10,000 in rehab before you owner finance it for $5000 down, $900 per month.

Note that this San Antonio investment property has two houses and is very easy to sell, given the extended families of most of our buyers.

We will complete the rehab for the out of state investment property investor and will resell it with owner financing. Rehab will be completed in three weeks.

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    • Address: 3230 La Violeta St., San Antonio, TX 78211-3728
    • Year Built: 1950
    • Description: 2 homes for the price of one;  Home #1, 3 beds 2 bath, 928 sqft, built: 1950, lot size: .15 acres, home needs minor plumbing, carpentry, paint, cleaning, estimated rehab cost 10K, Home #2, 2 beds, 1 bath, 600 sqft, has been remodeled no repairs needed
    • Cash Price: $69,000.
    • Exit Strategy: Owner Finance with 10K repairs: 5-10k down, $900.00 monthly P/I, 30 year amortization, 10% interest, Price: 89K, ROI will be 13-14% per year; or do $25,000 in rehab and resell for $115,000, $1150 per month.
    • Profit Year 1: 12% ROI
    • Profit Subsequent Years: 13% ROI
    • Contact us for more information or to make offer.
    • Rental Comps 3230 La Violeta St Sold Comps 3230 La Violeta
    • Why You Should Believe My Numbers

This type of below market value investment property is perfect for a San Francisco investor, Los Angeles investor, Seattle investor or San Diego investor. You are not a landlord and will enjoy steady real estate cash flow.