Some Excellent Credit Repair Tips!

Not only homeowners need to have good credit! Having good credit is important for investors as well to buy under market value property. We now have a professional loan officer in house to help our investors and consumers (contact us if you are looking for a TX home or investment loan). Here are some little credit repair secrets to boost your score quickly.

#1 Become an authorized user. If you have a good friend or relative you trust with a good credit score, you can become an authorized user on their card. This can raise your score 10-20 points fast, if the card has a high limit and low utilization rate. NOTE – some cards do not take your social security number when you are added as a user, so your credit score will not be improved. Check with the credit card company.

#2 Keep a 1% balance. Doesn’t that sound nuts? But it is the truth – if you have a card with a high limit and don’t use it at all, you will not get as much benefit if you keep a 1% balance.

Contact us if you need credit repair help to help you buy below market value property; we have a trusted expert available. Also contact us if you need a TX home loan.