Positives and Negatives of Section 8 Real Estate Investments in San Antonio

Section 8 rental property in San Antonio is a controversial topic in some quarters. Section 8 housing came to be during the Great Depression, when the federal government wanted to provide public housing for lower income people. Today, the purpose of section 8 is to offer subsidized housing to certain lower income citizens.

But is San Antonio section 8 property a good real estate investment? Generally, I say yes; I like to deal with the San Antonio Housing Authority and section 8 renters. That said, it depends on the property and a few other things. Let’s look at section 8 rental property pluses and minuses:


  • Your income is stable and guaranteed each month. You receive your payment each month electronically. After a person applies and passes the background check and other screening, the section 8 voucher gives them up to 100% assistance for their rent.
  • Higher rent. You can reassess the rent you charge each year and increase it by up to 8%. So, if you rent your San Antonio investment property for $800 monthly, you could raise it to $1175 in five years.
  • Incentive to keep up the San Antonio rental property: There is an annual inspection, so if the renter trashes the house, they can lose their voucher. Note: I do serious rehab on the San Antonio fixer upper before I rent it, and pictures are taken. So if there is a lot of wear and tear, I can show the tenant did it.
  • Large number of possible tenants: The GoSection8.com website has thousands of prospective San Antonio renters and it is quite easy to get a house rented.
  • Long term rent: I find that most section 8 renters rent for many years, so you will have fewer vacancies with your San Antonio rental property.


  • Government bureaucrats: You have to deal with the red tape of the Section 8 bureaucracy and this can cause some delays. However, I find that the San Antonio Housing Authority is pretty good to work with.
  • Slow payments: It can take longer than I like to get a renter in my San Antonio buy and hold property due to delays with the government. But, once the tenant is in, the rent comes in every 30 days on time.
  • Inspections: Section 8 has fairly strict inspections, but I do complete rehabs and I know what Section 8 looks for, so I do not have major problems here.
  • More repairs: The renter does not own the San Antonio property so it is possible that more wear can happen.
  • Late payments: I have had a few tenants over the years pay late, and reporting them can take some time.

Generally, I find section 8 rental property in San Antonio to be a good bet. I am able to get good renters into my investment properties by carefully screening potential renters.

Here is a good potential San Antonio section 8 rental property:


Address: 4907 Waycross Ln., San Antonio, Texas 78220-1840
Year Built: 1971
Description: Under market value fixer upper 4 beds 2 bath, 1078 sqft,  lot size: .13 acres, yearly taxes: $1,200.00, estimated insurance: $750.00, estimated repairs: 30K; central hvac, flooring, update kitchen/bath, roof, interior/exterior finish.
Price: $49,000 Cash
ARV: 109-115K
Exit Strategy:

  • Owner Finance with 30K repairs: 5k down, $1,095.00 monthly P/I, 30 year amortization, 10% interest, Price: 109k
  • Rent with 30K in repairs: $1,095.00 with section 8, no need to chase the monthly payment, San Antonio Housing Authority pays direct deposit to your account.