John’s Real Estate Investing Mission

My real estate investing Mission is simple:

To transform the entire city of San Antonio TX into property owners with owner financed real estate.

While I am a successful investor myself with my own portfolio, I only have so much capital myself. To transform this city into home owners, I need you the under market value property investor to buy 10+ houses each in the next decade.


If you are going to buy 10+ houses, then obviously I must be certain of the following with my under market value deals:

  • That the house is affordable, from $25,000 to $70,000.
  • That the rehab numbers I state are accurate to within 10% or less.
  • That the house will resell for the ARV that I state.
  • That you will make $10k minimum on a flip and at least 10% on a buy and hold.
  • That the house will resell in 30-90 days.

Again, my goal is to transform this city into homeowners. So I am totally committed to keeping you the out of state investment property investor happy so you buy 10+ houses. It makes no sense for me to BS you about the ARV on a property, as you will be a one and done investor.

I want long term investing relationships only. I want you to buy 10+ so I can fulfill my Mission.

Interested? Please contact me if you are a serious investor, but please read this first.