Case Study – 1629 Santa Anna St.

$62,000 cash purchase, $10,000 rehab, 50 DOM, sold for $89,900 owner finance, $937 per month, 12.3% ROI.

This 3 BR 1.5 bath affordable home north of downtown San Antonio TX is in a heavily revitalizing area. It was bought by the investor for $62,000.

It only needed approximately $10,000 of rehab, including new flooring, paint in and out, and minor foundation work.

The total project cost to the investor was $72,000.

Within 50 days of the completion of rehab, it was sold with owner financing with the following terms:

  • $5000 down
  • $89,900 final price
  • 10% interest
  • 30 year note
  • $937/month PITI
  • Cap rate 12.3%

More Pictures After Rehab:

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Interested in Investing? Key Points –

  • $50-70k cash wholesale properties – mostly sold to California cash buyers
  • We qualify end owner finance buyers on job history and documented income per Dodd Frank rules.
  • All owner finance prices are FMV.
  • Typical terms – 30 year note, 10% int., $5000 down payment – varies depending on exact deal
  • Low foreclosure rate – resell to new buyer if needed
  • 10-13% ROI is typical return
  • 1-3 months to locate quality owner finance buyer
  • Tax/insurance payments are escrowed
  • 5-10k rehab, no long term property maintenance
  • We have completed over 1,000 of these deals
  • Contact us to learn more