Major Redevelopment of Downtown San Antonio Raising Investment Property Values

If you are looking for high ROI real estate investment opportunities, you would be wise to consider buying rental properties in and around downtown San Antonio soon.

Major redevelopment projects are occurring in downtown San Antonio worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including new hotels, a new Frost skyscraper, a revamping of the Lone Star Brewery, and an overhaul of Alamo Plaza.

The south side of San Antonio also is going to have major redevelopment in the works in the coming years, with a facility there to rival the Pearl on the north side.

Some of the other parts of San Antonio that are seeing revitalization are the Alamodome, San Pedro Creek and the Hemisfair area. All of this is going to be adding substantially to real estate values in the San Antonio area.

All of this growth and redevelopment is leading me to pick up more properties around town. This two for one deal is one I just got last week:

Address: 106 and 110 Dewitt, San Antonio Texas, 78210

Description: Location Location, just south of downtown, short distance to the river walk and the new San Pedro creek river walk extension project (multi-billion dollar inner city revitalization): properties are going to double in value in the next 5 years. Both homes need to be converted into 3 beds 1 bath: estimated repairs for both projects: 80K-40K each, purchase price for both investments: 80K, Max After Repair Value: 119K each or 230K for both, Package deal.

Price: $80,000 cash

Exit Strategy: I recommend buy/remodel/rent then resale in 5 years

Comps: 110 & 106 Dewitt rental comps 110 & 106 Dewitt sold comps

These San Antonio investment properties are only $40,000 each. I recommend putting $40,000 into each one and then renting them out for a few years. I expect these properties will nearly double in value by the time most of the slated renovations downtown are completed. I have bought and sold hundreds of under market value homes in this area, and I am usually very close on what houses will be worth after my rehabs and after 3-5 years.

I have not seen San Antonio put this much money into the downtown and surrounding areas in a long time. I expect the development is going to make San Antonio investment opportunities even more profitable.