Investing in Real Estate and Building Your Rental Portfolio

As you are thinking about investing in real estate and building your rental portfolio, you can no doubt find many wholesale property companies in San Antonio to sell you properties.

I am a San Antonio property wholesaler like others in some ways, but with me, you will find a key difference:

I built myself a large portfolio of rental investment properties (and owner financed investment properties) practically from scratch in about 5 years, from 2001 until 2006. If the person selling you properties has few to no properties, how much do they really know about what they sell?

When I first got started in San Antonio real estate investing, I did not have much capital, only about $25,000. In my first year in real estate, I did 50 houses – San Antonio flip properties.

I did that by finding $2 million in private money from a retired doctor and investor in San Antonio. He loaned me in the money in small parcels and I bought under market value $30,000 properties, rehabbed them, and flipped them for a $8000 profit, which we split.

I was able to make $100,000 in my first year in real estate investing, and I re-invested most of the profits into buy and hold rental properties.

Now I am in the position where I have a very large portfolio of buy and hold properties, and I really do not need anymore properties for myself. I like to help other small investors develop their own portfolios.

I run across many small real estate investors in California that want to build a rental property portfolio but are priced out of their current market. I specialize in helping these investors maximize their available cash so that they can buy enough rental properties so they can quit their jobs within a few years.

Here is a typical real estate investing scenario I see:

  • California investor with a good $200,000 per year job and $100,000 cash or equity cannot buy anything in CA worth having.
  • He has steady high tech employment and good credit.
  • I recommend that you buy an under market value San Antonio investment property for cash at $70,000.
  • We do $35,000 in rehab on the fixer upper property. I make it really nice – with central air, tile, lighting, granite, really make it shine.
  • We then rent it out section 8 for the investor for approximately $1295 per month – ARV is about $139,000.
  • After the house is rented, the investor from California can cash out refinance up to 80% and do another section 8 rental property.
  • If he has a line of credit on his residence, he pays himself back with the line of credit from the first investment property, and then borrows another $100,000 and does another one.

This is one of the ways that I built a portfolio of buy and hold properties after I had profits from my San Antonio flips in my first few years in real estate.

So, if you are thinking about buying San Antonio wholesale property, I recommend that you find a 10 year expert in the business who not only can sell you a property, but has experience in building a cashflowing portfolio for himself.