Guidelines for Out of State Property Investors

Thanks for coming by. Here’s what you need to know about me right now: I’m a financially retired real estate investor in San Antonio TX who is dedicated to transforming the city into all homeowners.


I tell you this not to show off, but to make this point: I am a serious, very accomplished and wealthy investor.  I’m not an amateur. So, if I say a house will sell for such and such, or the rehab will cost such and such, you need to believe me and not question me. I do deals in my San Antonio neighborhoods every week, and I know what things cost.

You wouldn’t question your brain surgeon about the type of craniotomy he is going to do on you, right? So please don’t question my expertise on San Antonio investment property.

I know what you may want to ask:

If you’re such a big shot, why are you still working huh?

🙂 The reason is that while I have my own portfolio and am set for life, I still have ambitions and a Mission: I want to transform the entire city of San Antonio TX into home owners.

And to do that, I need  serious out of state property investors to buy 10+ under market value houses in the next 10 years.  So, I want to keep you happy with high cash flow San Antonio houses that have accurate ARVs, accurate rehab numbers, and quick resale time. It does me no good if you buy 1 deal and are unhappy and leave.

If you are going to do 10+ deals here, I need you to understand a few things about how I work. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced investor, I do things a certain way and want us to be on the same wavelength from the start.

So without further ado……


  • $50,000 capital required. You need to have capital or the ability to obtain capital to talk to me. $50,000 is a good starter – ideally in a bank account but 401k and IRA money works too. I simply do not have time with my schedule to talk to people with no money. If you do not have capital, that’s fine. Hey, I’ve been there! But I raised money from private investors to get rolling. You need to find private sources of capital at reasonable rates so that you can make monthly cash flow on my deals of $200 to $300, and pay those guys off in 1-2 years.
  • Reread the above please. This is an advanced investing system in under market value San Antonio properties. IT TAKES CASH. This is not an investing system for the house hacking, 3.5% down rental property investor on who is  just starting out.


  • Zillow values are crap – PLEASE don’t bring them up. Nothing screams ‘clueless amateur’ more than using Zillow property values to evaluate my deals. Honestly, it’s annoying when an out of state investor who knows nothing about San Antonio challenges my ARVs. Look: I have completed nearly 1000 deals involving thousands of houses in San Antonio TX. I have done hundreds of rehabs. If anyone knows the ARVs of these under market value properties, it’s me.

Zillow will always lowball what my houses resell for. If you are going to look up property values in Zillow and challenge my ARVs, please find someone else to work with. It’s amateur hour to question an expert investor about resale values; serious investors understand a 15 year real estate expert in one specific city knows 1000 times more about local ARVs than a freaking national real estate database.

  • My owner finance deals are off market. My under market value deals are usually sold with owner financing, which means they are off market, which means that Zillow and other public websites are totally worthless for evaluating my deals.
  • My ARVs are accurate. I didn’t get to where I am in life by overestimating what houses will resell for – to scam you into buying 1 house. If you don’t trust my numbers, try Detroit. We need to trust each other to work together.
  • Pseudo investorsdo not apply.
  • 10 houses! Remember: My goal is to transform San Antonio entirely into property owners. I do not need you to buy 1 house so I can make a small commission. I need you to buy 10+ under market value deals from me so I can transform this city. That won’t happen if your first deal sells for less than what I stated. BTW, finding a single cash buyer these days is a LOT of work. Does it make sense for us to overestimate a house’s resale value, piss you off, and you walk after 1 lousy deal? Heck no! We want happy investors here that buy long term.
  • Cash buyer references available for serious buyers. I have many references who are cash buyers in California. I’m happy to provide those references to investors with capital who are serious about investing.
  • I own a construction company. I do rehabs at 2/3 to 1/2 the price of your typical rehabber, and I do good work. Insured, bonded, all permits included in my price. I do enough to get the house resold and more more than that. This saves you money and boosts ROI. Honestly, I make little money on my rehabs. I am totally dedicated to my Mission and to making you money. So I am willing to sacrifice rehab profits to get you to buy 10+ houses in 10 years.
  • All deals close with my real estate attorney. I have used West & West Attorney at Law for more than 10 years to close my deals. They know me well. Not a penny of your investing dollars go to me. It all goes through the title company.


  • Patience on rehab. If you do buy an under market value property from me, I will get it rehabbed ASAP. Usual turnaround is 30-45 days. But stuff happens. The roof could need more work than I thought, or the foundation may need more work, or the weather turns bad and it rains for a week. All of this delays the project. BE PATIENT.


  • One and done. If you call me twice per day asking me when the house is going to get finished, that will probably be the last deal we do together. No joke – on a work day, my cell phone is clogged with dozens of text messages, a dozen voice mails and 100+ emails. I cannot babysit you. Please, be patient. I will call you and email you as soon as it’s done and will send pictures.
  • Patience on resale. Once it is rehabbed, I will get it resold ASAP with the MLS and bandit signs. Please do not call every day wondering when it will sell. It’s real estate, not McDonalds. When I have a serious buyer with a contract, I will inform you immediately.

In short, I love working with out of state investors….investors who used to buy California investment property, San Francisco investment property, Seattle investment property and Los Angeles investment property. But please – reread the points above before we talk. This will make our relationship work smoother. Thanks.