What Happens When You Do Your First Deal With Me

So you decided to buy an under market value San Antonio investment property! Congratulations! If you are buying a wholesale property from me and owner financing it as I recommend, you can expect to make 12-15% ROI per year with no further expenses.

When you deal with me, I handle the entire transaction: finding the below market value property, rehabbing the under market value property, and resale. You just provide the capital.

You ALSO need to provide me with your trust that I know what I’m doing. Do not question my rehab costs or ARVs, please, otherwise you need to find someone else to work with.

And here’s exactly how the deal goes down:

  • You sign the contract on Docusign and buy the property for me for – say – $50,000.
  • After you wire funds and it closes at the title company, you wire my construction company the rehab funds – say $10,000 – in two payments (at start of rehab and completion).
  • I perform the rehab in 15-45 days, depending on complexity and weather.
  • I will email you regular updates and send photos of progress. Once the rehab is completed, I will send you final photos, and you send final rehab payment.
  • Now we put the house on the market – MLS, bandit signs, craigslist.
  • House is resold with owner financing at 10% interest, 30 year note in most cases. Closing is at title company usually by Docusign.
  • You set up how your buyer will pay you – cashier’s check or electronic payment to an account of your choosing.

The OTHER option is to do a flip. I will do the clean up or rehab on the house in 15-30 days, and then we will usually flip the house to another investor for a $10,000 profit. I recommend doing at least four of those per year to build up your cash for subsequent buy and holds.

And that is it! If you want to really get wealthy as an out of state investment property investor, you should rinse and repeat this process at least 10 times, or 100 times.