Why We Are Different

You can deal with many real estate companies for buying real estate and for buying an owner finance property. How are we different?

  • Licensing: Our principal, John Majalca, is a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm with a 15 year proven history of success in San Antonio, with 1000 deals completed. We also have a full time loan originator that can close deals quickly
  • Proper deed recording and disclosures: John Majalca takes extreme attention to detail with all of the legal paperwork that is required to conduct a real estate transaction according to law. Paperwork is handled by real estate attorney:  West & West Attorney At Law Pc. 2929 Mossrock # 204. San Antonio, TX 78230. Deed is properly recorded at the courthouse.
  • No balloon payments: We are fully compliant with all state and federal laws regarding owner finance transactions. The buyer receives a fully amortizing 30 year home loan.
  • Fixed interest: We offer 10% interest rates that never change. There are no changes to the principle or interest for the life of the loan.
  • No pre-payment penalty: You can pay off your loan or refinance any time you like.
  • Serving San Antonio: We help hard working people own their own home and help neighborhoods to revitalize. This enhances both people and the community as a whole.