My Real Estate Mission

Investing made simple:

Our mission is to revitalize the inner city of San Antonio, Texas making it a safer place where everyone can enjoy the beauty of this historic community.

To transform the entire city of San Antonio  from renters into property owners with either owner financing or conventional financing.

An added benefit of you buying affordable home is that you will enjoy passive cash flow of 10-15% per year per property without repairs. Or, making $10,000 on a retail flip. That to me is very worthwhile.

If you are going to invest, then obviously we must be certain of the following with my under market value deals:

  • That the house is affordable, from $25,000 to $70,000.
  • That the rehab numbers I state are accurate to within 10% or less.
  • That the house will resell for the ARV that I state.
  • That the house will resell in 30-90 days.

Again, our goal is to transform this city into homeowners. So we are totally committed to keeping you the out of state investment property investor happy.

Interested? Please read the rules.