How I Buy Investment Properties in Texas Below Market Value

I financially retired at 28 with more than $20,000 per month in cash flow. The most important factor in my success in buying the best San Antonio investment property is every house I buy is under market value. That is, I buy under market value properties that require rehab. It also helps that I invest in one of the best cities to invest in real estate.

I have more than 50 buy and hold, owner finance properties that I own in cash that I purchased under market value between 2001-2012.

How I Determine Market Value

One of the biggest reasons I became a real estate agent was so I could determine market value of the best below market value San Antonio investment property on my own. It is never a good idea to use Zillow to determine market value of a property. Zillow is notoriously off base, especially when you are dealing with off market properties or an out of state investment property that are not in the MLS.

Also, bear carefully in mind that the value that you come up with will largely depend upon the repairs your under market value properties need. I like to buy properties that are at least 20% under market value. So if the house is worth $90,000 and needs $25,000 in rehab, buying the house at $115,000 is a waste of time and money. I will not make any money. I want to buy that house for at least 20% under $90,000, or about $72,000, so I can make a good profit.

How I Buy Under Market Value Properties

There are several ways that I use to buy under market value properties in San Antonio TX:

  • Buying fair market sale houses: These are houses that are owned by a private person who has equity in the house and there is no bank involved. Most of these sellers are in no rush to sell, so this can be tough. But I have bought many under market value properties in estate sales; that is where I get the bulk of my deals. Often times, there are several children involved and they just want to be rid of the house that needs repair.
  • Buy off market properties: Given my level of success in real estate investing, I tend to find many good deals that are not in the MLS. Agents and investors in the business send me below market value deals. Of course, you need to get experience in the business to work this way, but know that if you do become successful, good deals often find you. I have many of my below market value properties for sale on this website that will make you a good profit.
  • Buy REOs under market value: These are Real Estate Owned properties, and these are houses that the banks have foreclosed on. REOs are usually in the MLS, and some of them will be repaired and some will not. Of course, REOs are tougher to find now and many of them need a lot of work. To make your offer more attractive, you may want to tell the seller you don’t need to do an inspection. Pay all cash if you can – cash is king!
  • However you buy your under market value investment property or out of state investment property, do not spend too much money on the rehab. Rehabs are where many investors lose their rears. Spend too much on your rehab and you will never make any money. I own a construction company and I am able to do rehabs for 50% less than most contractors on the best San Antonio investment properties.

That in short is how I buy below market value properties in Texas. The big thing to remember is to stick to your guns on your numbers – if you need to buy that house 20% under market value to make money, don’t go over it. Move on to the next under market value property deal if you have to – there are lots of them out there!