A Word Of Caution About John D. Majalca

Some of you may be aware that this website was affiliated for several years with real estate investor and agent John D. Majalca. Together, we marketed under-market value San Antonio investment properties to local and out-of-state investors. We found him the investors, and John sourced the deals and rehabbed them with investors’ funds. We had a few years of considerable success selling and rehabbing San Antonio investment properties for our investors.

We heard from investors that John was very difficult to get on the phone or respond to texts. While poor customer service and communication are troublesome, that wasn’t enough for us to not work together.

However, things changed in early 2021. This website ended its professional relationship with John Majalca when we became aware of two incomplete investment property rehabs after full payment was wired to him electronically. There were charges for work never performed. The police had to show up multiple times to remove homeless people from one of them. The funds wired in this matter were substantial.

Many emails and texts show that John Majalca was given many opportunities by the investor to make him whole. This did not happen. The situation is still ongoing, and another contractor is finishing the properties. The investor has now paid twice to rehab those two houses. The unfinished state of the properties was carefully documented by the 2nd contractor.

Large amounts of evidence have been and are being collected for future action. The document, photo, and eyewitness evidence are overwhelming. Over a year and a lot of money have been lost.

A specific example: The investor was charged $8900 to run a new sewer line. The money was wired electronically over state lines. No digging ever commenced, no permit was pulled, no work was done. That alone, if proven in court, is a felony, and there are many other examples backed by a lot of evidence.

This is an unfortunate situation that we never envisioned, but that is why John is no longer affiliated with this website. We will leave it to you to decide if you want to trust him with your projects.

John has since purchased a home in Austin.

When it comes to deciding who to rely on to invest your money in under-market value San Antonio properties, we can make two recommendations to local contractors. Please contact us if interested.